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EGO NetCast

Aug 13, 2014

I will be updating the About page and adding resources for podcasters and Internet radio (netcasting) listeners, in the near future... Please stay tuned, and feel free to give me tips on great netcasts, podcasts equipment, etc.

Show notes:

Check out Lyceum on Patreon.

Patron, Niklas Larsson -

  • Rob Walch,  VP Podcaster Relations Wizzard Media / Libsyn.

EGO NetCast on iTunes. Please give ratings and write short reviews.

EGO NetCast on BlogTalkRadio. About 20 long podcast interviews.

EGO NetCast on Libsyn.

Martin Lindeskog's podcast on SoundCloud.

EGO NetCast on Overcast podcast app (iPhone).


EGO NetCast on Overcast