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EGO NetCast

Jul 28, 2016

This is a meta episode of EGO NetCast, spending some time on the development of my podcasting. I recently reached a milestone of 500 downloads of my conversation with Jon Ferrara.


Could this be my break, after 10 years, since I started my first podcast on Soild Vox

I am including a screen dump of the general...

Jul 5, 2016

This episode was recorded on June 27, with the Ringr app. I downloaded the recording (audio format: mono mix, sample rate 44 kHz, Flac, 107.5 MB) to my MacBook and then did the post production with Auphonic (96 kbps, mp3, 43.2 MB).

Show notes:

Jun 27, 2016

This episode was recorded on June 27, with the Bossjock Studio app. I did the post production with Auphonic.

Show notes:

Mar 16, 2016

I am, Martin Lindeskog, and your are listening to EGO NetCast. This is a solo show episode there I am presenting an outline for the scheduling of future episodes of my podcast, based on tinkering of 10 years of podcasting and a survey on Twitter! ;)

Show notes will follow. In the meantime, please read the post, How to...

Feb 15, 2016

The interview with Tim Sinclair was recorded on February 4, with the Ringr app.

Tim Sinclair's bio.:

“Tim is the CEO of RINGR and an 18-year, award-winning radio veteran and voiceover artist. He has also spoken at numerous industry events throughout the United States and is the public announcer for the...