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Ask me, Martin Lindeskog, a.k.a Lyceum (on Twitter), questions on new media, business philosophy, and the good life.

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What are your 3 words for this year?


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Do you know about the history of the gold diggers and the first Thanksgiving?

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00 Intro. Audiobooks on affiliate link for EGO NetCast.

01 Pierre DeBoiseZimana Analytics.

“Pierre DeBois is the founder of Zimana, a small business analytics consultancy that reviews data from Web analytics and social media dashboard solutions for profitability improvements in marketing, Web development, and business operations. Zimana has provided services for small and medium businesses from many industries. Zimana has also provided analytic workshops for groups such as Yceeya Netwo rk in New York City, and Blue1647, a business incubator in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago.

Pierre holds a mechanical engineering degree from Prairie View A&M and an MBA from Georgia Tech. His background in business and engineering experience include Ford Motor Co. and Lesco, a minority-owed government logistics contractor. 

He is a native of Gary, Indiana, serving the Chicago area and beyond.”
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00 Intro. Audiobooks on affiliate link for EGO NetCast.

01 Dan Swordsfreelance technical writer.

“Dan is a freelance copywriter and has been writing for 25 years. Besides writing business copy, he currently is blogging at where he guides you through the blogging process. His posts are filled with blogging tips and tricks that you can use in your blogging journey.
His mantra is, Inspiring The Writer In All Of Us, One Blog Post At A Time.”
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[Editor's note: I have to learn how to to use GarageBand... ;)]

Show notes:

The Art of the Pivot - Inc.

Podcasting as a Business Content Marketing Strategy - Search Engine Journal

Segway's Breakdown - Wired

Editor That Mocked Bush’s Segway Accident Crashes One Himself  - NewsBusters

Amazon Fire Phone - Engadget

Amazon kills affiliate program in California over sales tax battle - Gigaom

Amazon Tax - Wikipedia

When Do You Start Calling It Persecution? - Voice for Reason blog

"...editing will take you longer than..." - Elsie Escobar

Barbecue in Carolinas - Wikipedia

Lapsang Souchong tea - Wikipedia

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I will be updating the About page and adding resources for podcasters and Internet radio (netcasting) listeners, in the near future... Please stay tuned, and feel free to give me tips on great netcasts, podcasts equipment, etc.

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