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EGO NetCast

Feb 14, 2016

The interview with Matthew Pollard was recorded on February 1, with the Ringr app. I got help with the editing from Kris West of Ringr

Matthew Pollard's bio.:

“Matthew is an Australian-born entrepreneur that has recently taken the US market by storm, since his move in February of 2014. Well known for his “3 Step Rapid Growth Ideology,” which has successfully transformed countless US small-to-medium sized businesses heading toward failure, to six figure profits and dramatic sales increases. Matthew is also well known for his identification of what he has coined “The 7 Self-Destructive Mindsets of Someone New to Sales” that has recently generated his personal blog more than five and a half thousand Twitter re-tweets, and helped him to become a finalist for the “International Sales Blogger Award.””

Show notes (will be updated...)

00 @MatthewPollard_

42 Rapid Growth Formula